EastEnders cast praised for touching pre-eclampsia storyline

EastEnders cast praised for touching pre-eclampsia storyline

The popular soap drama showed longstanding cast member Stacey, played by Lacey Turner, undergo an emergency C-section after showing signs of severe eclampsia on Friday night’s episode.

The Albert Square resident collapsed in a recent episode and suffered a seizure, the main indicator of advanced eclampsia, and was rushed to hospital.

Fans were left in suspense over the weekend after Friday’s cliff-hanger but praised Turner’s performance as they waited for the outcome.

Turner told the Radio Times that her character is under a lot of stress and has recently been reported to social services saying: “Her blood pressure [is] sky high… this is what’s cause the pre-eclampsia and brought on a seizure.”

“It was a big shock as there was no warning, so it came out of nowhere and was frightening for everyone… both her and her baby’s lives are at risk… it was important for the baby to be delivered as soon as possible for both of their sakes.” Luckily they both survived and Stacey named her premature daughter Hope.

Marcus Green, CEO of the Action on Pre-eclampsia charity, said: “Actress Lacey Turner and EastEnders have sensitively handled a real trauma for very many pregnant women.”

EastEnders has an average of 7.1 million monthly viewers making a great opportunity to raise awareness about pre-eclampsia and the signs and symptoms to look out for.

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