Darcey Bussell reveals she “almost died” while giving birth to her daughter due to pre-eclampsia


Darcey Bussell has bravely spoken out about suffering from pre-eclampsia complications while giving birth to her daughter in 2001.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Bussell said: “My first child, Phoebe, was two months premature and I had pre-eclampsia. I nearly didn’t get through that.

‘I could have gone into a coma at any second. So I feel very lucky to be here… not to be overdramatic but I did nearly die. I was very lucky.”

“I was fortunate in that I was so drugged-up, which meant I wasn’t conscious when it was happening. I didn’t know what had happened until afterwards. So I was quite lucky in that. I didn’t realise the panic that was happening” she continued.

Bussell also highlighted the importance of more research into the deadly condition saying: ““It is still such an unknown entity. People don’t know why it happens. We have the most amazing medical science for so many other things but we still don’t know this one.”

She sites the only positive outcome of this traumatic experience is that “Going through everything with my first labour empowered me. It changed everything. Now I appreciate every moment of everything.”