Charity's Vision

The Star Eclampsia and HELPP Foundation has four main objectives that we are very passionate about and can achieve with your support and donations:


Our vision is to carry on Estelle’s legacy of compassion and selflessness by offering bereavement counselling to anyone who has lost a loved one to eclampsia. We know firsthand how difficult it is to cope with such unimaginable loss and how beneficial professional advice and support throughout the grieving process can be. We want to offer financial help for any families seeking professional counselling so they can focus on coming to terms with their loss without worrying about how to cover the cost.

Early detection saves lives so it is vital that midwives have the proper training to recognise the signs and symptoms before the condition progresses. Unfortunately, due to limited funding and resources, midwives are currently forced to take holiday leave to take specialised courses in pre-eclampsia and HELPP. We want to provide them with the necessary support and resources to complete these courses and save lives.


Although preeclampsia affects 5% of all pregnancies, sadly the condition remains relatively unknown. We will raise awareness through fundraising events, social media campaigns and distributing leaflets to GPs and surgeries. We want to educate expectant mothers, teach people to recognise the symptoms and encourage women to take immediate action if they suspect they are at risk. The more people that know about preeclampsia the better so we want to spread the word, tell Estelle’s story and start a conversation that could save countless mothers and unborn babies.


One of the biggest challenges surrounding pre-eclampsia is the lack of new research into innovative ways to prevent, diagnose and treat the condition. This also makes it difficult for doctors to recognise the telltale signs. We aim to raise money to fund new medical research and advance existing knowledge to ensure doctors and midwives are properly equipped to tackle eclampsia. The condition is complicated and life-threatening but, with your support, we can protect mothers and babies and work tirelessly until we find a way to prevent any more tragic cases like Estelle.